(Up-dated 25 May 2004)

I have added some more WinWord format files to this list, including some for countries outside Europe.

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Date Countries Html WinWord RTF Pdf

June 1969

West Germany


June-July 1970 West Germany & Austria    
October 1970 West Germany, Holland & Belgium    
June-July 1971 West Germany    
September 1971 Holland & West Germany    
October 1971 Austria, West Germany & Luxemburg    
June 1972 West Germany    
September 1972 Belgium, Luxemburg & West Germany    
May 1974 West Germany      
May 1974 Spain      
September 1974 West Germany, Switzerland & Italy      
October 1974 West Germany & Switzerland      
July 1993 Germany & Austria    
June 1995 Germany & the Czech Republic    
May 1996 Germany & Denmark
The Denmark portion was an IRS tour
July 1996 Germany    
October 1997 Germany    

April 1998

Germany & Holland    

June 1998

This was the Industrial Railway Society tour of various narrow gauge industrials.


June-July 1998




October 1998




April 1999




June 1999




The Americas

Date Countries Html WinWord RTF
March 1994 Cuba  


Date Countries Html WinWord RTF
November-December 1996 China  
July-August 1997 Indonesia
Javan sugar cane lines

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