Foreign Trip Reports

(Up-dated 27 February 2002)

For the last 30 years I having been making trips abroad to look at industrial railways, and I have been compiling reports on these trips. I am now planning to share these reports on the web, to anyone who may be interested. The majority of my visits have been to Germany, but I have also made a number of trips to other countries in Europe and around the world.

To start off I am posting some trip reports from the last two years, in the form of word processor files that can be down-loaded, and I hope to steadily increase these to cover the whole of the 30 years.

These files were originally written using Microsoft's "Word for Windows 95", and so this is the format that has been used for the files posted here. I have also added a version in "Rich Text Format" (RTF), as this format is more likely to be useable by those that do not have WinWord 95 or even PC's. However note that in some cases I have made use of the "Central European & Cyrillic" fonts that are supplied as part of the "International Language Support" within WinWord 95, and these might not work when loaded into programs other than WinWord 95 or 97 .

I also intend to include versions of my reports in Internet (HTML) format, so that they can be viewed on-line. I also hope to provide links from these web pages to some of the photos that I have taken on my trips. However these pictures will not be included in the WinWord/RTF versions of the reports.

If you have anything you can add to these reports, or anything else about industrial railways, why not contact me by email, snail mail, carrier pigeon, etc., so that we can all share it. Please also let me known if you see any problems with these web pages, such as items failing to load, files that won't download or work properly in WinWord.

Brian Rumary

25 Kingscombe, Gurney Slade, Radstock, BA3 4TH, England

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